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What is Bhakti Flowers?

Bhakti Flowers is a florist and farmer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is born out of an unending curiosity for the earth and a love for all it creates. It both takes and gives to the soil, and it strives to create beautiful, transformative design using flowers and foliage. It strives to be a sustainable business, and always saves a few blooms for the bees.




The Flowers 

I believe that nature does the best design, and I aspire to mimic the shapes, textures and twists that the wild world provides. I design with sustainability in mind. As soon as Michigan has flowers growing in Spring until the bitter cold end of Autumn, I’m sourcing locally.





What does it mean to run a sustainable floral business? I think it’s using practices that cause as little harm to the planet as possible. At the farm level, that means growing using organic practices. It means lessening the reliance on plastic products, composting your heart out, creating good soil. When plastic does find its way into your hands, reusing it as much as possible, and recycling it at the end of its life cycle. At the design level, it means sourcing flowers as close to Michigan as possible. The less flowers have to travel, the smaller their carbon footprint. And, it’s important to support the local growing community. It means avoiding plastic, single use items, and floral foam. It’s composting the flowers when they’re spent, so they can contribute to creating healthy soil, to grow even more flowers in.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword, it’s a responsibility. It’s a way of doing business, so we can continue to do business years from now. It’s respect for the planet, and the lives yet to come. If you’re interested in learning more about my sustainability efforts, or if you have a green idea that you think would be helpful, I would love to hear it.